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We are envisioning equitable society with latest technology

466 millions

Worldwide total population of DHH (Deaf and hard of hearing) individuals

(WHO April 1st, 2021)


DHH individual population in South Korea


Low literacy of DHH individuals in South Korea


DHH individuals who are not highly proficient in sign language were below grade level in terms of academic achievements

Company Vision

EQual access to tech for ALL

We will do what we couldn't do and can do now with new technology.

Needs should be found not created

Technology should be used for social value creation

Company Vision

What We Do

We are developing various solutions for the DHH people based on our avatar sign language translation platform.

Public Announcement Accessibility 
Barrier-free KIOSK
Cultural Accessability 

Public emergency announcements in trains, planes, or other places are only delivered through sound, and DHH individuals, unaware of the situation, are exposed to the danger.

수어통 can ensure the safety of DHH individuals by helping them access emergency public announcements in multi-purpose facilities.

수어통 does this by perceiving the emergency announcements and displaying it on a user’s phone via subtitles and sign language avatar animation. 

This barrier-free kiosk is created for DHH individuals, the visually imparied, and the physically disabled, who have difficulties using kiosks that have been recently developed.

This kiosk has wheelchair recognition technology to lower itself and a braille navigation keypad.

EQ4ALL specifically provided a sign language avatar in the corner of the screen so that kiosks can become easily accessed by DHH individuals.

By increasing the kiosk accessibility, this kiosk adds convenience to their lives.

DHH individuals cannot access as many cultural activities as hearing people can.

With 수어통’s technology, DHH individuals can access information in art exhibitions and museums.

By using either the app or a hololens, 수어통’s avatar will be displayed and translate the written descriptions of museum exhibits or art docents’ spoken descriptions.

This improves the accessibility to cultural enjoyment and adds happiness to their lives.

EQ4ALL이 반드시 성공하겠습니다. 감사합니다..gif

Core Technology

1. Avatar Sign Language translation

We are providing state-of-the-art avatar sign language translation for your accessable products and services. Proven quality of translation and expression will help you to create social value.

Our sign langauge translation platform includes neural and rule based hybrid translation engine, and translation revision web service used by sign language specialists.  

2. Avatar Sign language player

Our avatar sign language player plays an important role in sign language translation solutions.

An animation engine creates an avatar through 3D modeling of a real sign language translator’s appearance and movement, and a rendering engine makes the animation more refined and smoothe.

With those engines, sign language players can show more natural and precise sign language. It is supporing multi-platform including Unity, Unreal and webGL. It can be optimized and customized at your requirement. The translation platform can be offered either on-premise or cloud based. 

Core Technology

About US


EQ4ALL is 

An innovative company based in South Korea, founded by Steve Ko and Kevin Lee, in November 2017. EQ4ALL was established to remove societal barriers that prohibit DHH(Deaf or Hard of Hearing) individuals from accessing information, education, communication, and jobs.

EQ4ALL utilizes Rule Based Machine Translation engine(RBMT), Neural Machine Translation engine(NMT), and Sign Language Player to help DHH individuals break through the glass ceiling.

Leadership Team

KakaoTalk_20210319_104033266 (2).jpg
  • 링크드 인 사회 아이콘


Steve Ko

  • 링크드 인 사회 아이콘


Kevin Lee

About Us
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