Tech Focus


Machine Vision & Deep Learning

Real-time recognition of all of hand. body and face with various sensors including RGB camera and depth sensor is crucial for machine to read sign language. With patented augmented training data set based on various neural network technologies, we believe the full recognition of sign language  possible in near future.


Augemented & Mixed Reality

For the removal of the deaf's barriers to working and communication environment, we believes that augmented reality technology will contribute a lot. you can imagine a avatar sign language translator beside your speaking colleagues to translate the colleagues' verbal




Avatar based sign language interpreter with app in the set-top-box or web viedo overlay.

Selective translation service utilizing caption data(or voice data)of broadcasting or video on demand contents


There are various kinds of text or voice based human machine interface in our daily life. Those machines can utilize our avatar based sign language translator to improve accessibility of the devices quickly.


As more and more connected devices including autonomous car are coming to our life with main user interface of voice, the barrier between machine and the deaf is getting thicker and thicker.

We believes that those loT devices should include an interface for the deaf.

The interface will be based on machine vision to recognize sign language of the deaf.


Web is one of the key information source for the deaf but is mostly in text based. Many of deaf people has difficulty in reading and understanding the text as it's verbal language and is not their primary language. Suzi4Web is an avatar based web translator which will be embedded in web sits.


For the perfect machine translation, there should be enough amount of parallel corpus between verbal language and sign language which doesn't exist now. Suzi4Contents will be a platform where user generation contents with sign language can be created or semi-automatic translation can be revised by professional interpreter.




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