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EQ4ALL Privacy Policy

EQ4All Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) manage the following privacy policy in order to protect user’ personal information and rights and interests in accordance with the Personal information Protection Act and to handle users’ complaints related to personal information.


If Company revises this privacy policy, it will be notified through the website notice (or individual notice).


Article 1 (Purpose of managing personal information)

Company manages the personal information of the users who use the website, mobile apps and all services operated by Company. The personal information of the users will not be used for any purpose other than this purpose, and if the purpose of use is changed, necessary measures will be taken, such as obtaining separate consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal information Protection Act.


Article 2 (Processing and retention period of personal information)

Company manages and retains personal information within the period of retention and use of personal information according to the law or within the period of retention and use of personal information consented to when collecting personal information from the users.


Article 3 (Provision of personal information to third parties)

In principle, Company manages the personal information of the users within the scope specified for the purpose of collection and use, and does not manage it beyond the scope of the original purpose or provide it to a third party without the prior consent of the users, except in the following cases. not.


  1. When separate consent is obtained from the users

  2. When there are special provisions in other laws

  3. Cases in which the users or his or her legal representative is in a state where he/she is unable to express his/her intention or cannot obtain prior consent due to unknown address, etc., which is clearly recognized as necessary for the immediate benefit of the life, body, or property of the users or a third party case

  4. When personal information is provided in a form in which a specific individual cannot be identified as necessary for purposes such as statistical writing and academic research

  5. If personal information is used for purposes other than the intended purpose or if it is not provided to a third party, it is impossible to perform the duties prescribed by other laws and has undergone deliberation and resolution by the Protection Commission


  1. Where it is necessary to provide to foreign governments or international organizations for the implementation of treaties and other international agreements

  2. Where it is necessary for the investigation of a crime and the filing and maintenance of a public prosecution

  3. When it is necessary for the court's trial work

  4. When it is necessary for the execution of punishment, probation, and protective disposition


Article 4 (Rights and Obligations of Users and Method of Exercising)

  • The users can exercise the following personal information protection related rights against Company at any time.


  1. Request to view personal information

  2. Request for correction if there are any errors

  3. Deletion request

  4. Request for suspension of processing


  • The exercise of rights under Paragraph 1 can be done in writing, by phone, e-mail, fax, etc. to Company, and Company will take an action without delay.


  • If the user requests correction or deletion of personal information errors, Company will not use or provide the personal information until the correction or deletion is completed.


  • The exercise of rights pursuant to Paragraph 1 can be done through an agent, such as a legal representative of the users or a person who has been delegated. In this case, you must submit a power of attorney in accordance with Attachment No. 11 of the Enforcement Rules of the Personal information Protection Act.


  • The users must not violate the personal information and privacy of the users or others handled by Company in violation of related laws such as the Personal information Protection Act.


Article 5 (Items of personal information managed)

Company handles the following personal information items.

  1. Company management: company/organization name, email address, name, contact information

  2. In the process of using the service, the following information may be automatically generated and collected. Browser type, os, date and time of visit, IP address, domain address, website address before visit, etc.


Article 6 (Destruction of personal information)

  • Company destroys the personal information without delay when the personal information becomes unnecessary, such as the expiration of the personal information retention period and the achievement of the purpose of processing.


  • If personal information must be kept in accordance with other laws and regulations despite the expiration of the personal information retention period agreed to by the users or the achievement of the purpose of processing, the personal information (or personal information file) is stored in a separate database (db). Preserve by moving or changing the storage location.


  • The procedure and method of destroying personal information are as follows.


  • Destruction procedure: Company establishes and destroys personal information destruction plans for personal information (or personal information files) that must be destroyed. Company selects the personal information (or personal information file) for which the reason for destruction occurred, and Company destroys the personal information (or personal information file) with the approval of the person in charge of personal information protection.


  • Destruction method: Company destroys personal information recorded and stored in the form of electronic files using methods such as low-level format so that the records cannot be reproduced, and personal information recorded and stored in paper documents is shredded with a shredder or Destroy by incineration.


Article 7 (Measures for Ensuring Safety of Personal information)

Company takes the following measures to ensure the safety of personal information.


  1. Minimization and training of personnel handling personal information: Employees handling personal information are designated and managed only to the necessary number of people, and training for safe management is conducted for employees handling personal information.

  2. Restriction of access to personal information: Necessary measures are being taken to control access to personal information by granting, changing, or canceling access rights to the database system that handles personal information, and unauthorized access from outside using an intrusion prevention system. are in control.

  3. Storage of access records: Records of access to the personal information processing system (web log, summary information, etc.) are kept and managed for at least six months.

  4. Encryption of personal information: Personal information is safely stored and managed through encryption. In addition, we use separate security functions such as encrypting important data when storing and transmitting.

  5. Security program installation and periodic inspection/renewal: In order to prevent leakage and damage of personal information caused by hacking or computer viruses, security programs are installed and periodically updated/inspected.

  6. Access Control for Unauthorized Persons: A separate physical storage location for the personal information system that stores personal information is established and an access control procedure is established and operated.


Article 8 (Personal information protection personnel)

Company is responsible for overall handling of personal information and has designated the person in charge of personal information protection as follows to handle complaints and damage relief of userss related to personal information processing.


Personal information Protection Officer

Name: Kwon Soon-young

Position: Head of Management Support Office

Contact: 02-6207-7898,


Personal information protection department

Department Name: Management Support Office

Person in charge : Kim Kyung-won

Contact: 02-6207-7898,


The users can inquire about all personal information protection related inquiries, complaint handling, damage relief, etc. that occurred while using Company's service (or business) to Personal information protection personnel. Company will respond to and process inquiries from userss without delay.


Article 9 (Personal information request)

The users can request to read personal information in accordance with Article 35 of the Personal information Protection Act to the following departments. Company will make every effort to promptly process the personal information access request of the users.


Personal information request department

Department Name: Management Support Office

Person in charge: Kim Kyung-won

Contact: 02-6207-7898,


Article 10 (Method of Remedy for Infringement of Rights and Interests of Users)

The organizations below are separate organizations from Company. If you are not satisfied with Company's own personal information complaint handling and damage relief results, or if you need more detailed help, please contact us.


  1. Personal information Dispute Mediation Committee: (without an area code) 118 (extension number 2)

  2. Information Protection Mark Certification Committee: 02-580-0533~4 (

  3. Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Team: 02-3480-3571, (

  4. National Police Agency Cyber ​​Terror Response Center: 1566-0112 (


Article 11 (Installation and operation of automatic personal information collection device and its refusal)


Company uses 'cookies' that store and retrieve usage information from time to time in order to provide personalized services to users.


Cookies are a small amount of information that the server (http) used to run the website sends to the user's computer browser, and is also stored on the hard disk of the user’s PC computer.


  1. Purpose of use of cookies: It is used to provide optimized information to users by identifying the types of visits and use of each service and website visited by the users, popular search words, and secure access.

  2. Installation/Operation and Rejection of Cookies: You can refuse to save cookies by setting options in the Tools>Internet Options>Personal information menu at the top of the web browser.

  3. If you refuse to save cookies, you may experience difficulties in using customized services.


Article 12 (Criteria for determining additional use or provision without the consent of the users)

In the case of additional use or provision without the consent of the users, the criteria for judgment are as follows.


  1. Whether or not it is relevant to the original purpose of collection

  2. Whether there is predictability of further use or provision of personal information in light of the circumstances in which personal information was collected or the processing practices

  3. Whether the interests of the users are unfairly infringed

  4. Whether necessary measures have been taken to ensure safety, such as pseudonymization or encryption





Article 1 (Enforcement Period) These regulations will be effective from May 06, 2021.


Article 1 (Enforcement Period) These regulations will be enforced from September 01, 2021

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